Coach Mwai speaks to players during EWASCO-Ishiara Derby

Derby Tirade Revives Questions on Coaches’ Roles

EWASCO FC saw Division II newcomers Ishiara 3-0 on Sunday. The Waba team collecting all three points may appear fair given they are the...
Mugambi with ponytail dreadlocks and a national coloured jacket thinking deeply.

Football Heads: My Colourful Days in This Game

I was recently rummaging through old books when I came across three interesting notes from 2006. One was about girls and two were about...
Social media influencers will help to drive fans back to the field

Influencers: A Welcome Nuisance to the Game?

I was a bit thrown off when betting companies decided to fly prominent social media personalities -influencers- to the Qatar World Cup. My reasoning...
Mikel Arteta in Arsenal training

Arsenal Rips Our Hearts Yet Again!

I’ve been thinking about whether Arsenal really did bottle the title. My Arsenal mind keeps telling me, No, it was a successful season in...
Outwitted looking Chelsea manager Graham Potter

Chelsea Experiment Watch: The Worst is Yet to Come

I opined at the end of the January transfer window that Chelsea would be an exciting project to watch. One month in, it appears...
Let's go! Omasete, in Fortune FC jersey, rallies his players during a match.

Omasete: Grassroots Football Development is Our Only Cure

Football stories are more captivating than movies. Despite there being over 250 million active football players worldwide, every story is differently gripping. I sat...
Invidual sports: Weighlifter sitting in a prayerful pose on a lifting bench

Individual Sports: A Gem We Need to Polish

In my home county of Embu, individual sports rarely feature when sports are discussed in mainstream forums. Mostly, the debate revolves around football. Understandable,...