Saka in Arsenals new kit for away duty

I like the roundly-hated new Arsenal away kit.

No, I am not in need of a map of Islington. But I love that the kit has definitely made a bold departure from the norm. Here’s why:

This is more of a sporting kit than a fans’ drip shirt. That means it focuses more on player comfort/performance than volume of replica sales. See how the kit looks on a match-goer vs on an on-pitch player.

At a time when the yearly change of shirt designs is largely viewed as sales-driven, appearing to focus solely on the player is pretty bold.

The perforated design of the shirt gives ‘breathe’ vibes, and probably is designed to keep the players cool on warm CHAMPIONS LEAGUE matches. A welcome compromise. The Total90 football boot design had similar vibes. So do those sleeveless basketball jersies that girls loved plucking from our places.

Colour – Nothing wrong with the luminous green (yellow?) – or black, or blue. The only problem with the new kit is how the black worms around the shirt. I doubt this will be the map of choice for people trying to get around Islingston.

But hey! It’s fogging camouflage! Opponents won’t be able to see us. We’ll be happening on them unseen on the green turf jungle! Arteta’s genius is at play again!

If you think I’m joking about colours, remember when Ole Gunnar ordered change of seat colours at OT because they were distracting players? Or when Ferguson ordered change of uniforms at half time because players couldn’t see each other? Well, here we are now.

If anything, we have an awesome home jersey, and a lovely away jersey from last season. The new kit might be ‘the worst Arsenal jersey in a long time,’ but, what if Arsenal are turning away from jersey designs and focusing on more important things? Like the league and CL double? Will you be there? No matter what?

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