Saka in training during Arsenal's 2023 US pre-season tour
Ready to Move: Saka is prepared for another burst in the 2023-24 season

Bukayo Saka has just suffered another miss from the penalty spot. Some people online are already saying that he should never take a penalty again. While ‘Never’ is such a harsh, in-the-heat-of-the-moment conviction, I think there is a degree of truth in the statement.

We keep placing the little chilli on a spot where he doesn’t perform really well. By doing so, we take away from him the shine of many other excellent actions on the pitch. Against Barcelona, he was one of the best players on the pitch. But the penalty miss becomes an unnecessary talking point.

We need to accept that an excellent player can be lacking in some areas. Messi is not the best penalty-taker we have seen in our time, despite continued efforts to assign him the duty. Even the penalties that Bukayo has scored have always been pretty inspiring.

There is the argument that he is young and that he used the Euros miss to propel himself to where he is now. However, not everything gets better with age; he just doesn’t look like he will cut it with penalties. From past experiences, the player has already learned to operate well in high-pressure environments. There is no need to use penalty duties to help him adapt to responsibility anymore.

It is a simple case of putting everyone’s talents to the best use for the benefit of the whole team. In a team whose mentality Mikel has worked so hard to craft, it won’t help to have some players thinking ‘I could have done it better’ every time Bukayo misses -or even scores-a penalty. Let them awe at his other contributions and have the likes of Jorginho score confident penalties.

Sure, Saka can take a penalty here and there, but there is no need to have him as a key penalty taker.

All in all, such a nice way to end the US pre-season tour with a 5-3 win over Barcelona. So much to write home about! Timber, Harvertz, Rice, everyone!

And so much to look forward to in the new season. But first, the hiding of Man City in the Community Shield.

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