Ishiara vs EWASCO action. New registration closes in September
Action between Ishiara and Ewasco in the last match of the Div II 22/23 season on Saturday 5/8/23 | Photo: Prime Futbol

Grassroots teams playing in FKF competitions have until September 22, 2023, to register for the new season. In a communique sent from the FA to all FKF branches, the teams are encouraged to adhere to this schedule to avoid FIFA repercussions. The letter also includes registration deadlines for higher divisions and amateur leagues. Dates when the pre-season and mid-season player transfer windows open and close are also included.

July 21 – September 22

Teams participating in the following levels should register within this window

  • Men’s and Women’s Division 1 League
  • Women’s National Super League
  • All Division II Leagues
  • All Regional Leagues
  • All County and Sub-County leagues

International Transfers and Higher Tier Registration

Teams playing in the National Super League (NSL) and higher have until August 21 to register on the FIFA TMS and record international transfers. The same cadre of competition has until September 15 to complete registration on the FIFA Connect – Kenya platform.

The transfers and registrations ending September comprise the 2023/24 primary registration window. The primary window for all leagues, including amateur leagues and U13, U15 competitions, closes on September 29. The secondary window for all leagues runs between January 1 and January 31, 2024.

The FA encourages all divisions to complete by June 2024. This is part of efforts to align the Kenyan football calendar with other competitions across the world. The African Cup of Nations‘ January dates clash with European club competitions. The bi-annual tournament fell squarely in the middle of the UEFA football season. This caused some managers to second-guess signing African players. However, Europe is still a major professional football destination for African footballers. As a result, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has considered moving the tournament to June/July.

Registration Challenge to Players

The extended window is a great relief for many teams which have just completed their competitive seasons. However, it should come as a challenge to players. As FKF – and FIFA – move to define football management structures, many players find themselves locked out of competitive football. They often delay in deciding which teams to settle with for the season. In that dilly-dallying process, they miss out on registration. Consequently, they have to settle for lower tiers or play through crooked means.

However, increasing strictness in registration will make it even harder to play through the back door. Teams are spending a lot to honour fixtures. Many teams won’t risk losing points by fielding an eligible player, however talented. Any player who takes football seriously should make a timely and informed decision to avoid getting locked out.

Teams are making remarkable efforts to comply. Branch and sub-branches need to play their part in making the registration process smooth for all teams.

The football season is back!

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