Ewasco FC chief Dickson Wanyanya celebrates their Mini-League qualification.
Ewasco FC chief Dickson Wanyanya celebrates their Mini-League qualification. They beat Dummen 1-0 to finish top of the log | Image: Facebook/Ewasco FC

Town side Ewasco FC edged Dümmen Orange 1-0 on Saturday to finish top of the Division II Northern Zone B League. It was, however, all smiles at Yoder as both sides qualified for the Division I promotion mini-league. Dümmen (Fides) finished in second position with 62 points, four points behind champions Ewasco.

The water boys (Ewasco) and the flower boys will now join other top finishers in the mini-league. Ewasco vs Simba Apparel and Dümmen vs Omax will be played in Mombasa in September. The tournament format playoff seeks two teams to be promoted to Division I, the third tier of Kenyan football. A team that qualifies for this division is only two stairs away from the Kenya Premier League, Kenya’s highest tier of professional football. 

Ewasco qualify for the playoffs in their third season participating in the Division II tier. They take this leap under the tutelage of coach Nicodemus Omasete. The CAF-C license holder has steered them this far in his first season in charge. Omasete is no stranger to high-level competition, having guided Fortune Sacco to KPL qualification last season. However, the season’s results were annulled and Fortune Sacco is now pretty much defunct. 

Challenge to Dümmen from Ewasco, 3K, Ishiara

That said, Dümmen need to challenge themselves better this time around. The pioneer Embu team to play in higher divisions has been surpassed by 3K FC. The Kagumori heroes are now gunning for an NSL slot. Dümmen, with so much resources at its disposal, needs to walk the talk and affirm its position as one of Embu’s elite teams. It already looks like they are surrendering the mantle to Ewasco. Moreover, Ishiara is breathing down their necks demanding a place at the table. The Mbeere North side has already begun preparations for next season’s goal – a place in the Division I finals. 

Overall, it is beautiful to see Embu teams rising. It is severally pointed out that Runyenjes (Embu East) is the only team without a team in the higher divisions. Its best teams are still grinding in the County leagues despite performing pretty well against the teams that are now in Division II and beyond. What is happening to the likes of Shaolin, Rungu, Kathanjuri, St. Lwanga, and Irangi? Big questions abound. 

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