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Touch grass: 3K FC is taking its 'trials' to every sub-county in Embu | Photo: Prime Futbol

Embu’s highest-flying football club 3K Fc is set to engage the county’s football grassroots with a four-day tour towards the end of August. The current Division I side will begin their tour in Mbeere South where they will camp at Umau Grounds on Wednesday, August 23, starting at 10 am. Next, they will head to Siakago grounds in Mbeere North on Thursday, 24th August. Afterwards, they head North to Runyenjes on Friday, 25th August. The tour winds up in their home sub-county of Manyatta. Here they pitch tents at Nembure grounds on Wednesday the 30th.

Is this a 3K FC player trials?

Yes and no. 3K FC Captain Moses Munene says that they are avoiding using the word trials. Instead, they call it a grassroots engagement as they are looking to engage players within Embu County only. He says, “We are now on a national platform as a Division I team. However, we do not want to forget our roots. Many people have been instrumental in our journey. Therefore, we would not like to appear like we are ignoring the base that built us. It is for this reason that we are engaging players from the lowest levels of the game who feel confident that they can propel us to the next level. Our aim is to fight for promotion to the National Super League (NSL) in the coming season.”

“This is possible directly or through playoffs. We welcome any player who can help us in this endeavour. It does not matter where or what level they are playing in at the moment. We have already identified players whom we would like to recruit from the higher levels. Therefore, we want to keep this engagement restricted to local teams only.”

3K FC chairman Charles Njoka says, “Alongside preparation, we also want this engagement to instil confidence in teams and players around the county. We want to elevate 3K from being a Kagumori team to the level of a county representative team. It would be great to get players from every end of Embu to join our team. Some players may not have the resources to attend trials. We are therefore bringing the entry point to their doorstep. Moreover, we hope that teams can learn from us and join the higher leagues.

Facilitation and Expertise

Charles, who is also the Embu Branch FKF Chairman, says that trialists will use their own means to get to the venues. However, the team will reimburse their fare after the engagement. Selection is in the hands of Embu’s top coaching brass. 3K FC coaching unit led by head coach Mwai King’ori will lead the exercise. They are joined by Omasete, Sammy ‘Kisanga’ Githinji, Coach Ken, Chris, and Mutembei from Meru. Individual teams that wish to play friendlies against 3K should express that interest through the captain beforehand.

Charles encourages players from every background to turn out for this potentially life-changing event. He has also encouraged coaches to sharpen their young talents as 3K will soon be recruiting players for its junior (U-16) team.

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