Dummen and Ewasco outing ends in defeat
Not yet time: Ewasco, Dummen slipped at the last hurdle of DIV I qualification

Dummen Orange and Ewasco FC fell at the last hurdle in a bid to be promoted to the FKF Division I league. The Flower Boys lost 2-0 to Omax FC while the Water Boys were edged 1-0 by Simba Apparel in the matches played in Mombasa on Saturday, September 2. It was a disappointing end to a really mesmerizing season for the two top sides in the Division II Nothern Zone B 2022/23 season.

Although Dummen’s match kicked off without much fuss, it was a different affair in the Ewasco vs. Simba match. Nicodemus Omasete’s side was handed an early psychological blow as four players were declared ineligible to compete. Paulo, Muller, Ben jr and Kuria were struck out of the squad for lacking physical player cards. This was a confusing development given all players appear well documented in the FIFA Connect platform.

This raises questions as to which is superior – the easily manipulatable physical card or the largely foolproof FIFA Connect online platform. Even more worrying is the apparent complicity of FKF officials from the coast region in enforcing rules that defeat the game itself. The big questions arise: Why were physical cards compulsory? Was the FIFA Connect platform accessible to all at the time of the match? Most importantly, were ALL teams informed early enough that physical cards would be used?

Dummen’s Subtle Jab

Despite their acceptance of defeat, Dummen’s social media post appears to take a subtle jab at the match officiating. “Mcheza kwao hutuzwa” is an old adage of sportsmanship and gracefully accepting defeat. However, in a match like this where rules appeared skewed from the onset, you can’t help but wonder whether the home advantage included refs influencing the outcomes.

The two giants’ stumble is a stumble for all of Embu football. Playing in a higher division would benefit the entire county immensely. Two more teams would mean less loneliness for 3K at that level in terms of pushing for their rights. It would also mean more Embu talent having better avenues to going pro.

But that’s football. Heart-wrenching at times. Congratulations to EWASCO and Dummen Orange. All the best as they go again in the new season.

Make sure you’ll be there. No matter what!

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